Thomas Kuijpers


The works of visual artist Thomas Kuijpers evolve around the way image and text are used in order to create a narrative about true events. His works mostly originate from recent happenings, questioning the value of an image and the contemporary use of it. Each of Kuijpers’ projects starts with an thorough investigation of an event, collecting all sorts of material. From here starts a search for a theme, a fragment or a small metaphor that unravels the way the story is told. This collection of research materials form the basis of a new work, and not rarely becomes part of the work itself. From this point on anything can happen; the form is always subject to the concept. Sometimes it develops as a novel, other times a movie, a wearable, or a drawing. By simply pointing out inconsistencies in a story and errors in the accompanying imagery, or by making harsh and critical visual comments on the way the story is brought to us, Kuijpers wants to share with us an alternative view on stories and images.

In 2015 Kuijpers received a grant by the Creative Industries Fund and was awarded the AG Art Award. In the past few years he has presented his work in venues like Art Weekender (Bristol), Incubarte 7 (Valencia), B.A.D. (Brussel), RAM Foundation (Rotterdam) and Galerie Pennings (Eindhoven). He also exhibited his work in renowned places like Van Abbe Museum (Eindhoven), MASP (Sao Paulo), Kunsthal (Rotterdam), Stedelijk Museum and Foam (both in Amsterdam).