The Annual Video Relay Race

18 november 2017 – 21 januari 2018

Get set for the very first Annual Video Relay Race. From November 18th 2017 till January 21st 2018, a new video work is presented every two weeks. In this year’s edition, our focus lies on works that share an uncanny feeling that is beyond the ordinary. Each film carries an inexplicable sense of anxious and exciting uncertainty that draws you closer into its story. Along the line you will discover four artists that will be passing the baton during these two months.

meer over de kunstenaars

Frederik Heyman until the 9th of December

Frederik Heyman (BE) uses photogrammetry to stage digital worlds out of relics of the past. Because one needs time to experience three dimensions, a 3D-scan is a bearer of duration. This duration gives Heyman’s work a narrative element which is often amplified by (mechanically induced) movement and timed text. For Heyman, the 3D-scan is not only a means to conserve the past, but also a means to recycle the present and an attempt to shape the future.

Felicity van Oort until the 24th of December

Second in line is Felicity van Oort who will present her graduation video work Either not dead or does not exist. For the this screening Van Oort’s multi screen video work is transformed into a super wide installment showing her breathtaking mini documentary about one of the many unregistrated persons that died during 9/11.

Kimmo Virtanen until the 21st of January

Thirty-Second Love Songs by Kimmo Virtanen (FI) will be the third artist to screen his work. As Maze de Boer states (as a jury member of the Overduin Award 2016): “Thirty-Second Love Songs is a surreal animated short film contemplating the earthly issues of a divided family. The story is seen from the perspective of outer space and narrated in second person using tree pruning instructions as a metaphor for constructive domestic peacekeeping”.